Baby Shower: The Sequel

April 13, 2010 by Jennifer Carsen

Well, just as we surprised Alicia a few weeks back, this past weekend was my turn to be surprised. My mom and two of my friends sneakily arranged a Saturday lunch that was actually a stealth shower for me. It was a lot of fun and we received so many great gifts – including lots of clothes, books, games, and a one-of-a-kind food mobile very similar to the one I described when I was lamenting our lack of a nursery theme.

Eric is not a regular reader of this blog (I’m sure his thinking is something along the lines of I have to live with this crazy woman – why on earth would I want to suffer through the highlight reel?). Accordingly, a mobile featuring a plastic chicken leg and a canister of baby powder stuck to the bottom of a Kraft parmesan cheese can took some explaining.

On the drive back to Portsmouth after the shower, several things occurred to me:

1. We have amazing friends and family.

2. The baby is already, without a doubt, much better dressed than I will ever be. She received numerous outfits in various styles – everything from terry loungewear to elegant Calvin Klein ensembles to a psychedelic tunic-and-pants combo that will transform her into the spitting image of a tiny Goldie Hawn on Laugh In; we will have to find some baby-safe body paint for her.

3. It’s incredible to me that my friend Katherine (one of the sneaky shower planners) sailed through college, law school, and assorted other institutions of higher learning despite an utter lack of familiarity with some of the best-loved children’s books of our era. She doesn’t know Richard Scarry from Richard Burton. Harold and his purple crayon were a complete mystery to her. And when I unwrapped Pat the Bunny, she asked, “Is the bunny’s name Pat?” I can only surmise that she got everything she needed in those crucial formative years off the back of cereal boxes.

Over the remainder of the weekend, I assembled our new stroller, pack-and-play, and high chair. Tasha has already started camping out next to the high chair. I don’t know how she knows that food will someday be raining down from it, but she seems to have a sixth sense for this sort of thing.

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