Daylight Savings Time

November 1, 2015 by Jennifer Carsen

“Turn back the clocks and get an extra hour of sleep!”

This is one of those rage-inducing things people with no small children say, right up there with “You’ll get a chance to relax over the weekend.”

If your children are already waking up at 5:30 am, turning the clocks back an hour means they’ll both be raring to go – demanding cartoons and doughnuts – at 4:30 am.

(And lest you think the solution is just putting them to bed later the night before, well, that’s a rookie mistake. Overtired kids don’t sleep in; they actually sleep poorly and wake up even earlier. This makes no sense, of course, but then very little about having small children in the house does.)

On top of messing with the clocks, everyone is already weird, overtired, and oversugared from Halloween. Case in point: Nicholas went down for his mid-day nap hollering “melon!” over and over for no apparent reason.

By the time tonight rolls around, everyone will be more than ready to collapse at what their bodies (little and big; parents too) are telling them is regular bedtime – but what the clock is mockingly declaring an hour too early to call it a day. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

Eric says what we need is not turning the clock back an hour, but a day that’s only 5 hours long. I think he’s onto something. We’ll call it “Parent Savings Time.”

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