Good-Enough Parenting In Action

August 6, 2015 by Jennifer Carsen

When your kid’s teacher sends a note home asking for family photos for a collage project, and every single photo you own is already packed – except for the bizarro souvenir one from your recent pirate ship outing – because you’re moving soon, and you could print some photos on your husband’s color printer downstairs but it’s a little touchy and you’re not sure how it works and that seems like a lot of effort, and you decide to print out a few B&Ws upstairs on your own printer and think your kid is going to wind up with something kind of weirdly film noir for his collage and may be mocked by his fellow toddlers for it but you do it anyway and send your kid in with these printouts and an apology and your kid’s awesome teacher somehow makes it all work because she is way, way more on top of things on an average day than you are on your best day.

That’s how we roll around here.


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