Guest Post: Parenting Haikus By Life Stage

July 8, 2014 by Jennifer Carsen


Today’s guest post is courtesy of Samantha Rodman, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in private practice and a mom of three sweet/demonic kids under 4 1/2. Guess which job is harder? (Hint: not the one for which she is financially compensated.) Visit her blog, Thoughts on Psychology, Kids, and Reality TV, on Facebook, and on Twitter at DrPsychMom, and judge her parenting.


Peeing while breastfeeding.
Every new mom has done this
It’s multi-tasking.


Across the playground,
See him eat mulch. Don’t judge me,
Mom of just one kid.


Are you friend or foe?
Who knows what you will do next.
I am terrified.


You can pump your legs!
Swinging you no longer feels
Like I’m Sisyphus.


Two years in advance,
Already I am dreading
The dioramas.


If you can hide things
As adeptly as I did
I will not worry.


You better be smart.
There is no way I can pay
For all three of you.

Adult Child

I already know
I’ll miss your childhood stages
(except you, toddler).


I will babysit
But will try not to intrude.
So I like to think.

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