High School Reunion, Then and Now

August 21, 2012 by Jennifer Carsen

Our 20th high school reunion was this past weekend. It was held at the same place our 15th was (a local sightseeing boat), and many of the same great people were there, but it was a very different experience:

Then: Me, in the middle of a depressing divorce and feeling a little weird talking about it to people I haven’t seen since high school.
Now: Me, 39 weeks pregnant and hoping I don’t turn suddenly and sweep any of my former classmates overboard.

Then: Allow plenty of time to shower, dress, and apply makeup so as to look my best.
Now: Throw on a stretchy black muu-muu over my unshowered, grubby self (after a morning on the lake with Lorelei) and hope she has not wiped any last-minute stealth boogers on my shoulder.

Then: Drink several glasses of wine over the course of the evening to boost my confidence and steady my nerves.
Now: Drink two cups of Pepsi over the course of the evening to help keep me awake past 9 pm. Also get a complimentary bottle of Poland Spring from a sympathetic female bartender who catches a glimpse of my belly and notes, “I’ve been there.”

Then: Hope I don’t get too tipsy and say something stupid.
Now: Hope I don’t go into early labor and have to ask the captain to make an emergency stop on the far side of the lake.

Then: Look at proffered photos of classmates’ offspring, trying to keep track of names and ages and wondering how long it’s appropriate for me to ramble on about my cat.
Now: Proudly boast of Lorelei’s recent forays into potty-training and impending big-sisterhood.

Then: Feel slightly uncomfortable after depositing a generous portion of the “sea & beef” buffet into a stomach full of wine.
Now: Feel slightly uncomfortable when the Chickpea starts digging his little foot under the left side of my ribcage (I’m still not sure whether he was attempting to burrow in or leverage himself out in the hopes of a dramatic delivery at sea).

Then: Make polite small talk with the spouses of classmates whom I’ve just met.
Now: Trade graphic labor and delivery stories with the spouses of classmates whom I’ve just met that would make General MacArthur blush.

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  1. Girl, that’s a big 5 years! I can’t wait to see your announcement on the board at school.

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