December 3, 2013 by Jennifer Carsen

Our little girl is growing up: Lorelei had her very first playdate this past weekend. (And, as an aside, when did it become a “playdate”? In my day, I seem to recall it was just “having a friend over.”)

In any event, it all went very well. The friend in question is someone Lorelei has been going to daycare with since they were both basically larval – a very sweet girl with very sweet parents.

She also has a younger sister who is just a bit older than Nicholas; they, too, are classmates at daycare. (I have been wondering if this is one of the school friends Nicholas has reportedly started pushing over now that he is toddling around. Then again, there are a number of nibblers in that class, too, so all’s fair in love and the Early Toddler room.)

It was funny to see how little-brother-involved Nicholas tried to get in the playdate. He clambered his way over to the coffee table and grabbed at the girls’ drawings (Lorelei’s friend is clearly a veteran of the older-sibling wars; the girl has the lightning reflexes of a jungle cat).

He stood and beat at his little belly with both fists like a baby King Kong. And, as the friend was leaving, he joyfully snatched the socks she was trying to put back on, clamped them between his jaws, and attempted to abscond with them before Daddy intervened.

As for Lorelei, she was a mostly gracious but somewhat bossy hostess. (This comes as no surprise to her mother, who was much the same way back in the day.) Conversation flowed easily in the way it does between 3-year-olds – topics ranged from pepperoni pizza to Nicholas’s earlier spit-up episode to the predictably causal relationship between nose-picking and nose-bleeds.

The two hours passed quickly, and I think Lorelei was surprised – like Pinkalicious in The Pinkeriffic Playdate – how little of her planned agenda they managed to get through.

Hopefully this playdate will be just the first of many for these two. (Or three, if you count the meddling little brother.)

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