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  1. Windy City Baby, Part 2

    September 12, 2011 by Jennifer Carsen

    One thing we hadn’t anticipated when we brought Lorelei to Chicago was that the trip would precisely coincide with the days she decided to really get serious about her walking efforts.

    Eric and I spent a lot of our time in Chicago hunched over, gripping under Lorelei’s arms and surveying the top of her little blond head, as she trotted around the city saying “bucka-bucka-bucka” over and over. Stairs were a particular favorite; I think she’s in cahoots with a local chiropractor. Needless to say, we had a knack for bringing her to places with many alluring, backbreaking possibilities.

    She also began pulling herself up on a consistent basis for the first time during the trip.

    One morning she pulled herself up, gripped her way around to the side of the crib, and hit the speaker button on the desk phone. I think she was trying to call room service.

    We thought we’d been very clever situating the crib behind the desk, so that we had a small divider between her bed and ours, but her newfound ability to get herself vertical meant that she could just peek over anytime she wanted. “Stay low” became our mantra during naptime.

    We did make it to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game one afternoon (I think a passing baseball hat sundae caught her eye as I was snapping this shot).

    Lorelei devoured an entire brat like a born Midwesterner, accidentally cheered for the Reds as they scored some early runs, and became irate when I refused to let her bucka-bucka up and down the stairs between the concourse and the seats for fear we’d get trampled by an inattentive fan.

    We decided to call it a day in the middle of the 5th inning. As we were leaving, a nice woman in our row (who’d been very patient with our frequent comings and goings) asked how old Lorelei was and mentioned that she had a baby just a couple of months younger.

    Eric: [Barely holding onto Lorelei as she lunged toward a passing beer vendor] “And you didn’t bring her to the game today?”

    Cubs fan: [Trying to contain her laughter] “Oh, she’s my fourth. You learn.”

    Our flight home left ridiculously early, necessitating a 4 am departure from the hotel, but Lorelei was a champ.


    There was a tremendously unhappy newborn seated two rows in front of us on the plane. The bad news is that he disturbed most of the plane for most of the flight. The good news is that when it’s not your kid making the noise, he or she comes off looking even better in comparison.

    We left Chicago just in time: The day after we got back, the housekeeping workers at our hotel went on strike. We left a good tip, but our applesauce-soaked breakfasts in bed may well have pushed them over the edge.


  2. So Let’s Root, Root Root for the Home Team…

    December 15, 2009 by Jennifer Carsen

    This morning, Eric reported that the Red Sox have just signed Angels pitcher John Lackey to a 5-year deal. I don’t know much about Lackey, but he’s always struck me as an overrated mouth-breather.

    Regardless, it got me to thinking about our hometown sports teams and the irrational nature of fandom. I know people who have formed lifelong attachments to teams from cities they’ve never even visited, on the basis of random factors like team colors or appealing mascots (personally, I’ve always thought the Carolina Panther bears a striking resemblance to Brodie when she’s hissing at Tasha).

    Most of us, however, develop our allegiances early in life, aided by the strongarm tactics of our families. If you’re a lifelong Cubs fan, for example, the idea of your children growing up rooting for the White Sox is anathema (and vice versa) – you’d probably let them develop a taste for armed robbery first. So you prime them early on, explaining who the “good guys” and the “bad guys” are, intently sitting them down in front of live and/or televised games, and bedecking them in a panoply of team fanwear from the onesie days onward.

    It’s a lot of responsibility to take on. I fear that I am not quite up to this task, having grown up in a largely sports-agnostic household. I root for the New England teams, but I also root to a lesser extent for the teams from other cities I have ties to (I lived in Chicago for 7 years and cheer for both the Cubs and the White Sox, something the native Chicagoans I know find as distasteful and inexplicable as licking the sidewalk in front of the Sears Tower).

    Fortunately, Eric is on top of things and will start our kid off on the right path. I believe there may already be a tiny Tom Brady jersey stashed away somewhere.