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  1. A Prediction From the Doc

    June 11, 2010 by Jennifer Carsen

    I just came back from my ob/gyn, and her prediction, gazing into the crystal ball of my belly, is that “you will find labor sometime this weekend.” Seems to me that labor will actually be the one finding me, but I’ll take it. Failing that, my next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, at which point we discuss Plan B (i.e., taking active steps to dislodge the Olive rather than waiting for her to emerge on her own terms).

    I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s holding out for in-utero fried dough tomorrow at Portsmouth’s Market Square Day, but I’ve tried to explain to her that Mama’s probably not going to be dragging her achy self to the festival in any event (alas, regardless of what anyone says, there’s no reasoning with a fetus).

    I just hope she’s not planning to take after her father, Eric “Fortnight” Foster, who held out for two full weeks past his due date (in the heat of August, no less), only to burst forth like greased lightning when he was finally good and ready.