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  1. Puff Dragon & Jack Paper

    April 26, 2012 by Jennifer Carsen

    The other night, while Lorelei was chowing down on a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, Eric was idly flipping through the Scholastic book catalog she now gets sent home with sometimes.

    He came across a picture of a dinosaur, which triggered a long torrent of speech from Lorelei the likes of which we’ve never seen before. As best we can tell:

    1. Jill (one of the daycare teachers) told them about “Puff Dragon” – who, presumably, bore some resemblance to the dinosaur in the Scholastic catalog – and a little boy named “Jack Paper.”

    2. Paper and Puff played together and Puff was happy, until the little boy Paper went home and Puff was sad (here Lorelei drew a finger down her cheek under her eye, to indicate a rolling tear). “Puff very sad,” Lorelei repeated several times.

    3. “Jack Paper here now,” Lorelei declared. (This made some logical sense, as she knew Jack Paper went “home” and “home” was Lorelei’s current location.) “Lorelei give Paper a hug? Where Paper, Daddy?”

    It was the most involved we’d ever seen her get in a story before. And she was clearly startled and delighted that both Mommy and Daddy were also acquainted with the goings-on of Puff Dragon, Jack Paper, and Honalee. If only Paper would have come out from wherever we’d stashed him so that Lorelei could give him a hug. And maybe some of her grilled cheese.