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  1. Ah, the Irony

    February 5, 2010 by Jennifer Carsen

    Loyal readers may recall a post a few months back about the possibility of our house being taken over by eminent domain in several years’ time to make room for a new 4-lane bridge. As far as we know, this remains a slim yet real possibility.

    Yesterday, we received word that our building permit (necessary for the new construction that will eventually accomodate our new bedroom – complete with TV – and bathroom) is being held up because we are in a historic district and will need to present our case in person to the people in charge of the Portsmouth Board of Old Houses (or whatever it’s called). The PBOOH meets only once a month, and we have missed the Feburary meeting, so everything’s on hold until March.

    Bear in mind that our house has been added onto so many times over so many years that it bears no resemblance to any known architectural style; historic integrity is not a concern here. The PBOOH factor does explain why our next-door neighbors had so much trouble getting permission to tear down their circa-1950 eyesore garage last year.

    The good news is that I’m going to whip out the “Historic District” card if it ever comes to pass that the government wants to appropriate our house. The bad news is that Eric’s sleepytime viewing of ESPN, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the inimitable Yo Gabba Gabba has been pushed back for another month.

  2. I Have Lost the Battle (and Possibly the War)

    February 4, 2010 by Jennifer Carsen

    Ever since we started dating – even before we were living together – Eric has been pushing me for a TV in the bedroom. His reasons:

    1. There are times it’s nice to snuggle up and watch a movie in bed.

    2. It would enable Eric to watch TV with the door closed, so as not to disturb my work (my office is in an open loft directly above the living room TV).

    3. We’re not Amish.

    Now that the Olive is on the way, the arguments have stepped up further:

    4. Our sleep is going to be disrupted by the baby; multiple TVs would give Eric more options as to where to watch if I’m trying to work, nurse, or rest.

    5. The baby and Eric don’t want to disturb me when they watch Yo Gabba Gabba together (I must say, I’d never heard of Yo Gabba Gabba and thought he was making it up. Apparently it’s a real show. So much to learn).

    6. We’re building a new addition to accommodate said baby; she will get our current bedroom and Eric and I will be in the new bedroom. In the building plans, of his own volition (unless Eric slipped him a few bucks I’m unaware of), our contractor included a built-in TV cabinet opposite the bed. “It’s clearly meant to be,” quoth Eric.

    7. We’re still not Amish.

    I have to admit he’s right on many of these counts. Additionally, he is unmoved by my claimed inability to fall asleep with a TV blaring at me, as I do this on a near-nightly basis on our living room couch.

    I am getting ready to wave the white flag. It’s still better than a concurrent baby/puppy combo, I guess – TVs don’t drool, chew on shoes, or require walkies.