The Pint-Size Ladies’ Man

December 22, 2015 by Jennifer Carsen



A few weeks ago, during music time at one of his schools, Nicholas was dancing with one of his teachers when he announced that he wanted to dance by himself for a while. She good-naturedly agreed – until he immediately turned to another teacher in the room and asked if she wanted to dance with him.

Poor form, to be sure, but the kid is a bona fide ladies’ man – and his moves are getting more sophisticated all the time. Eric reports that he’s got a real Betty-and-Veronica dynamic going with two of his female friends, one of whom he regularly exchanges hugs, smooches, and head rubs (it’s a 3-year-old thing, I guess) with at the end of the school day.

At swim class, we’ve watched him somehow wrangle a lengthy pool cuddle with his pretty instructor – not a hair out of place on his blondie head – while the rest of the group splashes away on their swim noodles. Nicholas, meanwhile, is barking orders and encouragement from the security of her embrace.

His charms are not reserved for the outside world, either. Lorelei got dressed for school the other day and started down the stairs into the living room. Nicholas looked up from his coloring at the coffee table and gave her a million-watt smile and a heartfelt “Hi, Beautiful.” She was appropriately dazzled. As Nicholas’s mom, I am more frequently on the receiving end of his tantrums rather than his charms, but every now and then I get a smile or a cuddle that disarms me.

The kid’s even got a new catchphrase. Every day, as Lorelei and I get ready to leave for the bus stop, Nicholas readies himself for the morning’s departures by announcing: “Say goodbye to Chocolate!”

I fear the world may not be fully ready for Chocolate. I know I’m not.

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