To Lorelei, on the Eve of the Royal Wedding

April 28, 2011 by Jennifer Carsen

May you find your prince someday, but always remain the queen of your destiny.

May you understand your own self and your own happiness before joining your life with someone else’s.

May you know deep in your bones that you are complete and perfect all by yourself.

May you find someone who adores and cherishes you even more than Daddy does (and that’s a tall order).

May you love without bounds but never lose yourself in the process.

May you never be taken in by someone’s words when his actions are saying something different.

May you make your own money, so that you never need rely on someone else’s.

May you find work that you adore.

May you find your truest fan, and your biggest cheerleader, in the person who shares your life.

May you laugh every single day.

And may you never, ever, ever succumb to the lure of a Texan who’s all hat and no cattle.

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