Toddler Tribbiani

December 8, 2014 by Jennifer Carsen

If you are an older mom, like me, you may have spent some of your carefree, time-rich, pre-child days watching Friends. (I know it’s hard to cast your mind back to an era before Elmo and Thomas the Tank Engine, but follow me back to the early ’90s, won’t you?)

If so, you probably remember Joey Tribbiani’s signature catchphrase, directed at every attractive woman who crossed his path: “How you doin’?”

Nicholas, a budding Ladies’ Tot at the tender age of 2, has already come up with his own version: “How’re you? I Nicholas!”

Usually, he directs his charms toward pretty moms or other females over the age of 12; girls his own age currently hold little interest for him (probably because they are more interested in playing in the sandbox, or with their dollies, than being macked on by a contemporary sporting size 4 Pampers Cruisers and peanut butter in his hair).

Unsurprisingly, Nicholas has had a lot of success with this approach among the women he’s tried it with, nearly all of whom respond with warm smiles and sweet words.

He did particularly well with a cute Target associate this past weekend, as he was able to boost his charms even further by playing the sympathy card (pointing to the recently acquired goose egg on his forehead and reporting on its origins: “I fell and hit coffee table.”) If he knew what a phone number was, I bet he could have gotten one from her.

We are so in trouble a few years from now.

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