Walking Peanut!

September 23, 2011 by Jennifer Carsen

The bad thing about sending your child to daycare for much of the week is that you know, statistically, the odds of some big milestones happening there rather than at home with you are pretty good. The good thing about sending your child to daycare – if you’re lucky enough to have a daycare you love, like we do – is that it expands the circle of people who are cheering your child on every step of the way.

This was true in a literal sense on Tuesday, when Lorelei took her first unassisted steps! We were so excited for her, as were many of her teachers (both her current teachers in the Early Toddlers room, and her former teachers in the Infants room).

They couldn’t wait to tell Eric when he came to pick Lorelei up. “She took three whole steps! Three good ones, you know? And then she sort of did that drunken sailor thing and fell down.”

We’re hoping she’ll do a repeat performance for us sometime this weekend, drunken sailor moves and all. She’s gotten a few new bumps and bruises this week – a casualty of her own newfound mobility; I think one might have been the result of a half-assed somersault attempt – but that’s all part of the process.

She also came home yesterday in a really spiffy pair of Stride Rites that we’d never seen before. As much as I was hoping that this was some kind of first-walk bonus provided by the daycare, I’m guessing it was just one of those attire mixups that happens every now and again (one time she came home in a Mickey Mouse diaper; we knew it wasn’t from our stash as we are strictly a Sesame Street diaper household). In any event, the parents of whoever toddled home in Lorelei’s far more scuffed, battered pair of kicks were probably way less excited than we were.

Lorelei replenishing her carbohydrate stores after the big event.

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