Note: We are not accepting new guest posts at this time; I will post a notice on this page if and when that changes.

Mommy Tries welcomes guest posts that our audience would enjoy from funny writers everywhere – you need not be a mom (or dad) to apply. There are only two rules:

1. Your post must be original material, not previously published elsewhere – including on your own blog.

2. Your post must be at least tangentially related to our regular subject matter and funny – the funnier, the better. (Unless it’s so funny that it makes the rest of us look bad, but that’s a great problem to have – we can work with it.)

Please note: We accept only humor submissions. No how-tos, product reviews, weepies, breastfeeding tips, episiotomy horror stories, thinly veiled advertorials, etc. Funny stuff, folks, is what we’re after.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we do not respond to posts or queries that do not meet the above guidelines.


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